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Why We Need your Help:

     In the spring of 2017 the Washington State Legislature will decide the fate of this epic cross state trail.  So please sign the petition below and to help save the Iron Horse Park/John Wayne Trail.

     The Iron Horse Park / John Wayne Trail is Washington's only cross state trail. It stretches from North Bend to Tekoa on the Idaho border. It is a 285 mile long, 100 foot wide ribbon of beauty extending through rich full forests, dramatic scab lands and the vibrant pastures of the Palouse. Each step offers peace, tranquility and gracious vistas.

Show your Support:

Enter your contact information and comments. They will be forwarded to Washington's elected officials so they may respond to you if they choose.  Anyone is eligible to sign and circulate this petition, including non residents of Washington State. It is not a ballot measure or in any way a legal document, merely a statement of support.

Our Mission...

To make the Tekoa Trestle accessible and enjoyable to all. We also hope to expand the use of and enhance the John Wayne Trail.

Our Petition:

We the undersigned ask that the Washington State Legislature and Governor Jay Inslee support and consider expanding a Washington State Parks request for funding repairs to the Iron Horse State Park / John Wayne Pioneer Trail (Washington's only cross state trail)

during the 2017 legislative session.

Help Save the John Wayne Trail!

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Tekoa Trail and Trestle Association.

Your donation will help with our campaign to Save the John Wayne Trail and with vital trail repair.



Help Us...

Reach Our Goal of 10,000 Petition Signatures by

May 15, 2017

Great Start!

We currently have over 2,500 signatures

Thanks for Your Support!

A poem to save

the John Wayne Trail

by anonymous

Washington state is justly renowned

As a place where natural beauty is found--

Islands, peaks and rainforest glens

All delight the photographer's lens...

TTTA Press Release

October 14, 2016

The Tekoa Trail and Trestle Association is excited, thrilled and in every possible way applauds the recent announcements by the WA Parks Commission and the Recreation and Conservation Office(RCO) to make funds available of approximately six million dollars to restore the John Wayne Trail !!!

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